Friendship is being there along one’s journey in life to help, listen, encourage, and strengthen. A friendship is not bound to time or distance.
— Jennifer Sutton . Founder & CEO . Art Meso

“Friendship is an unbreakable bond between the special people in our lives. Friendship is a sanctuary. A set of trusted ears for those times of vulnerabilities. Friendship is being an unshakeable pillar and an indestructible stronghold for when those unexpected storms strike. Friendship is sharing joyous moments. It’s a gift to be treasured and the opportunity to share life’s blessings and adventures.”

Maryan Aiken Founder & CEO . The Mavericks & The Muse . Brilliance . PaperGlass . Wire Tap . WireTree . GLUE . Momma to two amazing human beings. Self confessed workaholic and caffeine addict. Music is my oxygen. Enamoured with life!

sherry lautares

"Friendship is central to our lives. Our friends are the people we can count on whether it's to share our joys, provide a shoulder to lean on, give advice or just listen. I have friendships that have lasted more than 50 years and no matter how long we go without seeing or talking, we always pick up wherever we left off. Friends are the icing on the cake!"

Sherry Lautares . 27 years Hospitality Services . Customer Care Service . Delta Airlines . Happily Retired


"Friendship is an amazing connection between you & the people who desire you to exceed, let you know when you're not living up to your full potential, and find your insanity pure genious."

Allisamy . Fashion Designer . Real Estate Agent

denise jackson

"Friendship is a bond with those we connect with the most by way of our spirit, energy, empathy, warmth, caring, appreciation, mutual admiration, encouragments, sense of fun, joy & love."

Denise Jackson . Art Curator . Editor . PaperGlass Media

jennifer sutton

"Friendship is being there along one's journey in life to help, listen, encourage, and strengthen. A friendship is not bound to time or distance."

Jennifer Sutton . Founder & CEO . Art Meso

valerie ritter

"To me a true friend is someone who will always be by yourside and support you in difficult times and celebrate with you during the joyous times in life.

A true friend takes time to understand you and accepts you for who you truly are flaws and all, they always believe in you & support your dreams!

I also believe you have to be a true friend to have true friends. I am grateful for authentic & genuine friendships."

Valerie Ritter . Mom to Katelyn . Branch Sales Manager

Group photo shot by Chuck Wolf at Photo Design Bar Studio in Buckhead.

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