KP Reddy  . CEO .  SoftWear Automation Inc.   Mavericks > February 2016


Interviewed by Mike Mast . Partner . Commonwealth Proper

Who is/was the most influential person in your life?  There has not been one person. During different phases of my life I have had different influences. When I was young, my Dad was a huge influence. Not just by his words but by his actions. 

Tell us how you think your current endeavor, Softwear can change textile manufacture.  Our venture firm is called CTW Venture Partners. CTW stands for change the world. This is what we think SoftWear is already starting to do. Besides highly local manufacturing, the ability to customize apparel is huge. The elimination of sweat shops is a core mission to us. Also, what we wear is the most basic form of self expression, yet we all mostly buy off the rack. 

Most of your work has been focused in the tech sector, are there any other industries that excite you that you have plans of working in?  Not really. The rest of it is either boring or not mission oriented enough. 

What do you find most important when evaluating a company you are thinking about partnering with?  The people, their experience, and track record. 

Is there a single most important trait one must have to be a successful entrepreneur?  The ability to listen to others and adapt yourself. 

How do you feel about the direction of social media and what is your favorite medium to use and why?  I think it is a great way to connect directly to audiences. I am heavy with Twitter and LinkedIn. 

As a CEO, what has been the most challenging decision(s) you had to make?  It has typically involved strategic alliances with large companies. They have a way of consuming all of your resources. 

What’s been the most effective time management tool for you and why?  I don't use any. 

How do you best motivate your teams?  Understand their personal motives and putting them in a position to meet them. 

What are you reading and what have been the best books you have read recently?   I don't read books much, generally they are various textbooks. I tell people the only thing that is a must read is the Economist. 

Photographed by Scott Reeves for Scott Reeves Photography. Shot on location at Softwear Automation in West Midtown. Directed by Maryan Aiken for PaperGlass.