The Art & Science of Beauty
How do we find balance with beauty and wellness? We asked a handful of fascinating women around the city and each one shared her perspective on how she defines beauty.
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Tara Ortegas Wilkes. Real Estate Agent. Your One Stop Network. Engle & Volkers

"I see beauty in people by connecting with them and learning about the things they love. When you understand what people truly have passions for your are able to find ways to bring value to the relationship. By taking the time to help those in need, we are able to create fellowship and adds value to one another. I have passion with extreme confidence, tenacity, and being an audacious woman, I believe, shows your beauty."

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Michelle "Buttercup" Davis.Philanthropist

"Beauty is opening your spirit to the bountiful opportunities to make a difference and give back from the heart."

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Sheri Jones
Mrs. Columbus 2017

"Compassion shared with those
That seem not to care,
Arms of honor that reach around the world
To those in despair.

It is forever changing,
Definitions don’t compare,
Is it the flawless face of youth?
Or that endearing face of truth?

Look beyond the superficial,
For there’s more than meets the eye,
Find that which inspires you,
You’ll find beauty for your life."


Naghmeh Fatima. Owner/Designer of NILA BOLOUR

Beauty is defined through a person’s thoughts, their mindset, values and their beliefs. Beauty is recognized by the interpretation of passion in one’s words, and his or her actions. It’s truly about inner beauty. It is deeper than just the exterior. Beauty is rooted in one’s soul. And really, isn’t that more permanent after all?

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Alison O’Neil, Founder
Beauty Becomes You
2015 L'Oreal Paris Women of Worth

"There is a thought that what is beautiful is also good. The depth of the word beauty goes beyond what we see as beautiful in form because what it is truly, is always defined through the experience of our heart, our mind and our soul."

Nancy Filos.jpg

Nancy Filos
Independent Brand Partner
Nerium International

"Be a chameleon! Don't conform to fit society's view of beauty. Embrace your quirky, magical, unique self! Radiate that positive energy and sprinkle it around like pixie dust! Outer beauty is a gift. . . Inner beauty is a treasure that's meant to be shared!"

dana crawford.jpg

Dana Crawford. Director of Operations. Build Contracting Group

"Enduring beauty is visible only with the eyes of the soul – in the form of integrity, authenticity, and the intent to be uplifting to others."

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LaCrisha Burton Saba Mrs. Georgia America 2017 Founder & CEO of With Love Global

"In my eyes, true beauty comes from the most beautiful place in the world - the heart. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others."

“She opens her arms to the poor, and extends her hands to the needy.” Proverbs 31:20

sahar zamir.jpg

Sahar Zamir
Founder. Make Over for Hope

"The beauty of a person is seen in his/her eyes because it is the door way to his or her heart where the love reside. To be truely beautiful it reflects in your soul. True beauty is a way of us , show caring, loving and the passion for life and for humanity. To be truely beautiful you have to live a life for others instead of yourself."