Tania Funduk | The Interview


Tania Funduk 

She's the type that when she walks in a room she commands your attention. She's mesmerizing and magnetic. She's fearless and strong but she possess a golden heart. She's the kind of woman that you'd want to call a friend.

Hometown: Osijek, Croatia, Europe Occupation: Medical Sales | Consulting; Entrepreneur Relationship Status: In a relationship


Where were you born and what's the coolest place to visit in your country: I was born in Croatia, grew up there and Germany. The coolest place got to be the whole Dalmatian Coast with gorgeous gems of the Adriatic Sea along the coast.

What keeps your thoughts wondering in the middle of the night: Business ideas. Trip memories and planning of future trips. Philosophy of life too.

What experience have you had that changed your journey: All of my life has been a beautiful and intriguing journey. Many turning points and most times, lessons learned. Move to the USA at the age of 20 definitely one of the pivotal points. Overcoming a life threatening obstacle another big one.

Define Beauty: Forget about perfection. It's unobtainable - imperfection is true beauty.

The most memorable place you've been to: Any and every place. I find bliss in small and big things equally. Not much into the categories of " the best". " the most" or such.

Latest project that you're working on: Decadent haute couture shoe imports, health bar, permanent make up line.

The best fashion and style icon: So many...again...too many...my list is too long, lol!

How do you stay in shape:Being active daily, early am workouts at 6am, weight training. Cardio and hiking on the weekends. Occasional sprints. "Go hard and go home" mentality.

What's your morning ritual: Quick Breaking News, messages/ social media scan, coffee, workout, breakfast.

You have a passionate cause: Volunteering, animals, and being a wisdom voice for my friends always seeking an advice. Almost like a personal therapist. Lol

What do you keep on your nightstand: Books, candle, framed self portrait, Bejeweled bling handcuffs, non functional of course. Decorative only lol!

Your favorite social media go to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: Yes, No, Yes. Helps me keep in touch with family/ friends overseas but. Not much into posting every move I make. Super annoying to me.

Any tattoos: No, Never been into it.

Something that some of your closet friends don’t know about you: My closest friends know more about me than myself.

What excites you:Life. Passion. People. Kindness. Travel. Beautiful weather. Adventure. Unknown. New projects. Love.

What’s the coolest place to hang out in Atlanta: Hm, there are many , but I prefer low key dinners and movies.

What do you do to decompress: Travel. Read. Workout. Movies. Meditate and mentally zone out even if just a few minutes / day, it's super important.

What’s a typical day for you: I don't like Anything typical. But the closest to a day for me, would be something in this order: health, work, zone out time.

Major fashion faux pas: Hmmm, so many. Too many to list. I am European and grew up shopping in Italy from a very young age. My mother definitely instilled a strong sense of style from the age 3. Too many faux pas, way too many lol. There is a difference between style, fashion and well put together.

Your favorite fashionista and why: Don't have a favorite one, love strong personalities, and people that are confident and secure. It shows in how you dress and carry yourself. Coco would be the first on my list...

What makes you smile: Smart kids. Funny people. Sunshine. Birds. Bees. memories. Flicker.

What are your coolest and fabulous fashion pieces that you have in your closet: It's all pretty much fabulous. I don't do anything else. For the most part. Ha! Ha! Ha!

What’s attractive about a guy: Honesty, kindness, great manners, style, humor, intelligence, positivity, zest for life, how he treats strangers.

If you can have tea with someone, who would it be: For me, having tea is about great conversations: Mendela, Anthony Hopkins, Angelina and Brad, Malala..to name a few...

What do you love about living in Atlanta: Weather, great airport, accessibility, southern hospitality, new architecture, parks and spring gorgeous blooms.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning: Say my thanks, and think about my family. Then I check my calendar and get it rolling.

Five beauty tips that you swear by: Attitude is the most important. How you feel on the inside, Shows on the outside. Hydrate, stay healthy, be happy. I used million products from A-Z to always come back to my fav- Nivea creams. Obsessed.

Your hobbies: Painting, writing, traveling, fashion, hiking, outdoors, racing, friends, exploring.

tania IMG_0016 PAPERGLASS.jpg

Describe yourself: Brave. Open minded. Sincere. Strong. Fair. Honest. Vocal. Outspoken. Assertive. Compassionate. Fast. Blunt. Funny. Caring. Observant. Wise. Overpowering. At times, lol.

What do you always have in your bag: Wallet. Sunglasses. Mints/ gum, iPad, make up. Water. Tom Ford perfume.

What song makes you dance: Most songs. Music is life, worldwide. Silent bonding language.

Your biggest goals for the new year: Achieving more balance. Not caring about irrelevant things or people. Staying away from negativity and drama. Making my inner circle tighter, more solid and firm. Appreciating every moment for what it is. Remaining grateful every day for this beautiful gift of life.

Interviewed by: Maryan Aiken | PaperGlass Media | WireTree Media | Brilliance | Founder