The Circle of Influence 

A monthly gathering of the taste makers  & the rain makers to forge a strong cross pollination within their circle of influence. Every month a set of movers and shakers are selected to share and exchange ideas on different topics.

Pitter Kalpak Goughnour. Entrepreneur.

Interviewed by : Maryan Aiken. Publisher. PaperGlass Media

While most recognizable behind the camera, Pitter Goughnour’s talents extend far beyond the lens. Her Lake Oconee-based company, Pitter Productions Photography, is a unique blend of her natural gift for photography and her wealth of marketing experience. She is known for her unique talent of drawing out not only the personalities of the families, professional actors and top-level executives she photographs, but also for visually capturing her corporate clients’ brand stories. Her photos give us a “real look” at ourselves infusing her clients with more self-love and appreciation that we all need and is sometimes never seen in a mirror. She has created marketing campaigns for both politicians and top business leaders and corporations both locally and nationally. She has been a frequent guest on the Biz 1190, The Dana Barrett Morning Show where their discussions include tips for both personal and corporate image branding. Her portfolio includes more than a dozen magazine covers, album covers, with well over 4,000 photography encounters where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and you become “PITTERIZED”.

Talent agents, casting directors and producers from NY, LA, NC, Australia and Atlanta send their clients to Pitter and often rely on her expertise when choosing actors and models for consideration. Pitter’s tag line “Branding Your Image through Photography” couldn’t be truer. You can’t help but notice her infectious smile and high energy level which enables her to volunteer her time throughout many communities providing her marketing knowledge and photography services for Greene County High School Graphic Design students, Special Olympics, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Foundation, The Atlanta Ballet, Works of HeArt Foundation - Georgia Center for Child Advocacy and Ladies at the Landing Makeover Edition with Norman Zapien and his salon team. She is a member of Leadership Green and belongs to the National Association of Women Business Owners - Atlanta. Serves as an Ambassador for Greene County Chamber of Commerce.

Pitter currently resides at Reynolds Lake Oconee with her daughter, Mo.

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"My secret "sauce" to success is God, my family (my daughter) and my amazing friends (male and female) that support me. The ones that are there for me even if we don't talk everyday. I know we could all call each other and we would all be there in time of need ! That's what friends do. You can't put a dollar amount on the kind of TRUE friendship I share with these ladies and so many more that are not in this picture but you know who you are (men too)! I am a blessed woman to have all of these successful women entrepreneurs in my life to celebrate life with."

----Pitter Kalpak Goughnour