Alex Kinjo . Owner  . Creator .  MF Sushi . MF Products & Gracie Beauty Products


Interviewed by Maryan Aiken . PaperGlass Media . WireTree Media . WireTap Media.

Role at your company? Created all the company concept and brand.

How do you define your style? Classic Modern. I like pieces that last. It’s how you carry yourself. Style is an extension of your true identity.

What’s your must have fashion pieces from Bloomingdale’s ?  The Salvatore Ferragamo Collection.

There are lots of great restaurants in Atlanta that recently sprouted. What are the staples and your current “it” place to go to? Miller Union, and Bacchanalia.

We always have that one or two individuals that have influenced our careers. Who has been the one that’s been the catalyst for you? Only one person, that would be STEVE JOBS.

You were such a powerhouse in Atlanta and then left the scene to explore the Houston market. After a couple of years of sabbatical from the A Town you quietly came back and relaunched MF Sushi in Inman Park. What are your thoughts on the city's restaurants' climate since your return? The city is growing tremendously.  I left for 3 years and came back. I can't believe how fast the city grew.  I was surprised but happy to come back because I think ATL has more potential than ever. I can't wait to launch my next concept to share with our ATL Folks!

What exciting projects are you currently working on?  I have 4 concepts that I'm working on now. I hope within the next 2 years all of them will come to life.




Project in order. 1. MF PRODUCTS   2. Gracie Beauty &  Accessories www. this will launch in January. 3 I want to bring Nam Restaurant back, that will be in two years in the making.  4. Lastly, I want to create a Nam Noodle Bar, it is a fast & casual concept that I been have working on for the last 5 years.  Right now it is in working progress. I'm looking for an ideal location that fit with Nam Noodle Bar concept. When I found the right location then I’ll set the project in motion.

Hidden talent that we should know about?  Most people know me as a restaurateur but they don't know I have an artist all my life.  I started drawing and painting since I was 4 years old. People also don't know that I'm a good designer. I specialize in branding design and restaurant design. These are all my strong points and skills set that help me make through my challenging period. Click below and find out more about me.

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Android or Apple? I do and die with APPLE. I'm been using Apple since the  late 80's,  I will never trade Apple for any other product out there. 

Interviewed by Maryan Aiken | Founder | PaperGlass Media | WireTree Media  

Photographed by Gaiina Coada