So what do you do when a national brand asks you to collaborate and develop a series of campaigns (with the first delivery in less than two weeks) and get this... it comes with an irresistible opportunity to hand select Atlanta's Men of Style?

Bloomingdale's!  Are you kidding me? Seriously? .... So after a couple of surreal moments, a deep breath and some serious happy dances,  I picked up my digital black book and start going through my network and allowed the beauty of the culmination of acquiring spectacular friends and colleagues from the last couple of years do its magic....

BIG thanks to Alex Delotch Davis the new PR Manager for Bloomingdale's at Lenox. Alex is responsible for letting me have this dreamy marketing project  to hand select  the first delivery of Bloomingdale's Atlanta’s Men of Style. Working with Alex,  Chip Ivie (Men's Suiting) Derek Reid ( Personal Shopper) Emery Lumsden (Michael Kors) and the rest of the Bloomingdale's team for working splendidly in such a speedy period. 

We could not have been more honored and ecstatic to hand select a group of movers and shakers that have great sense of style and comfortable enough to celebrate it! A sincere thanks to the first group of Atlanta's Men of Style:  Ian Martin, Mitch Free, Michael T. Sterling, Clark Seydel, & Mike Latham for saying yes and committing their time to not only do the fashion shoot on a Saturday afternoon but for making time to make a trek to Bloomingdales at Lenox to make  their fashion selections that reflect their style.  A whole lot to ask from their busy schedule but they gladly did it with great enthusiasm. Cheers to you gentlemen!

Hugs and thanks to one of the most talented photographers in Atlanta, Galina Coada whose collections of images have graced the pages of Dwell and numerous pages of Modern Luxury  Magazines. We are honored to work alongside with you and  adore you for sharing your immense creativity and talent with the launch of PaperGlass.

A special smile and cheers to The Castle partners, Mike Latham & Clark Seydel for opening their super cool place for the fashion shoot and for having their Beverage Director Tristan Robertson concoct two exclusive signature cocktails for the Men of Style Soiree which will be the venue for the After Party !

And last but not least, to the mega talented young visionary who is responsible for developing and conceptualizing the look and feel of PaperGlass in less than a week, my co founder and my rockstar ally, Hunter Aiken. 

And of course to you for clicking the pages of PaperGlass, we  sincerely thank you. Cheers and smiles..... :)




PaperGlass is the new medium for the game changers. It's the place for Who. What. Where and Why in Atlanta! It's the hub for the style & fashion rockstars.  It's the new home for the who's who in the art scene, music & film industry as well as the sports arena!  It's the playground for the hottest restaurants. The venue to showcase the coolest dwellings in Atlanta and it serves up some of the best soirees to have fun, hobnob, and to be seen. PaperGlass is a place where awe-inspiring talent meets the eye-catching, jaw-dropping element changers this city thrives on.

Out with the traditional magazine and in with PaperGlass: a new way to see what’s relevant and happening. Driven by the people. PaperGlass aims to show that it is not only the hottest new site to see, it’s also the hottest new place to be!




Hunter Aiken is a champion in the making. Well versed in technology and has an affinity for minimalistic modern concepts. He developed, designed and co created PaperGlass. At 17 years of age, this future Maverick aims to change the way people view websites and the world as a whole by re-inventing the magazine via PaperGlass.

Why? People want what’s relevant at their fingertips, and now they have it. Like Magic.  Hunter is a fearless young entrepreneur with endless ambition to elevate himself and others around him through his heart and his charisma.