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What inspired you to be on television? I have known I wanted to become a broadcaster since I was in the first grade. I can remember watching, vividly, the Space Shuttle Challenger explode on national television back in 1986. It was then, I believe, that I was bitten by the broadcasting bug. 

Your fans see you wearing your suit every Monday to Friday on television, what is your go to comfy clothes when you’re off camera? There is nothing like a good ole fitted V-neck T-shirt and a pair of shorts or fitted jeans. You're always ready for the scene no matter the occasion. That go-to-comfy outfit works for the beltline, coffee shop, live music venue, favorite eatery and can be dressed up with a nice tailored blazer and stylish pocket square. Must have on a pair of loafers, driving shoes or a pair of Toms.

Do you have a signature look? I try not to have a signature look. It's boring when people can predict what you're going to wear. That's why during the time that I am off the set I go for the shock value. You may catch me in a fitted baseball cap with a white Tee and some cargo shorts with colorful kicks. You may also catch me wearing a pair of khakis with a white or checkered button up with a sweater thrown over my shoulder rocking my Ivy League look. Whatever the case, I love to go with the way that I am feeling that day. 

Your favorite fashionable city in the world and why? New York City. You can go around the globe in one block in that city when it comes to witnessing different and eclectic styles of fashion and influences.




When you think of Atlanta, what comes to mind? A major metropolitan city with southern charm that is quickly gaining notoriety on a global stage when it comes to fashion, trendy restaurants and quality of life.

What has been your biggest fashion and style influence? I love everything about Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren. I'm a huge fan of the styles adapted by Lenny Kravitz and John Legend. Admire the way those two brothers dress during all four seasons.    

Biggest fashion faux pas? Black shoes with a brown belt! Ugh!! Or dusty shoes. A brother has got to have a shine or go home! Lol

The Men of Style’s Essentials? Blazer, Pocket Square, Fitted pants, White Tee, Coffee Bean shoes and belt to match...nice classic watch with accessories (bracelets, etc.)

What’s your must have fashion piece from Bloomingdale’s? Shoes, Ties and Jackets...Hell, I love everything in the store. I'm always there.

Your favorite sports past time? Football

Where can we find you in Atlanta when you’re off camera? Favorite hangout and why? Krog Street Market. Inman Park or Midtown. I love up and coming neighborhoods with tons of character.

I never leave home without? My damn phone. LOL

Someone that influenced you the most with your career? Dan Rather

What exciting projects are you working on? I just started a gentlemen's book club called GENTSRead! Totally excited about this! 

What’s next for you? Running a network

Three things that Atlantans need to know about you? I'm cool, down to earth and I LOVE to eat!!

Android or Apple? Apple - Hands Down!

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