Julie Smith of CBS46 Hosts Bloomingdale's Makeup Date

Julie Smith arrived in Atlanta last summer from her home state Kentucky to begin reporting traffic on the morning news at CBS46. She also hosts CBS46's mid-day talk show, Atlanta Plugged In on Thursdays and Fridays. She lived and worked in Los Angeles from 2011 - 2014 before heading back to KY to catch up with friends and family and honestly, she just missed the South. Atlanta was a perfect happy medium between KY and Los Angeles when it came to life and career, so this is where she has been excited to call home. She's been hosting talk shows, red carpets and event stages since 2010 and loving every minute of it. Catch her in the mornings on your way to work or school on CBS46 where she'll help you navigate this crazy Atlanta traffic and get there safely.

What is an everyday look for you? Dewy foundation, a nude lip, a pop of cheek color and mascara.

Beauty secrets we must know about you? Not sure that anything is a secret.. ..but I love big hair and for volume, there's a product that I absolutely love by Aveda called Pure Abundance. Powder Play by Big Sexy hair is a very similar product at a lower cost. I use both.

Favorite must have to look fresh and radiant on television? WATER (it's a chore for me but dehydration doesn't look good on anyone) and sleep (also not easy because I'm a night owl and have to be at work at 4AMdaily.) Also, concentrating eyeliner and mascara in the middle of the eye creates the illusion of a more "opened" eye ... a doll like effect.

Beauty tricks that TV personalities use? Heavy paper clips to "tailor" clothing! You can't see it on air so it saves us the time and expense of tailoring if we only wear it to work. Otherwise, I will go for tailoring and I do often. It makes a world of difference. Also, when on the go or switching purses and forget certain makeup items, I'll let my lipstick double as a cream blush.

What are your beauty hacks? I will sometimes sprinkle loose highlighter (or scrape off a little of a pressed one) into my foundation or primer to add an all over glow. I do the same with body lotion. It also adds a cool pouty look to add just a dab in the center of your lips after your lipstick is on.

Do you do your own makeup for TV? Yes and I wish I didn't have to! Some personalities use their own makeup artist and some stations provide them but it varies from one to the next. Most that you see on your local news do their own.

Your favorite must try from the Makeup Date Collection? YSL anything. I've heard great things and have yet to try their products. Really I'm looking forward to playing around with them all!

Interviewed by Maryan Aiken Co Host : Bloomingdale’s Makeup Date