PaperGlass is the new medium for the game changers. It's the hub for the style & fashion rockstars. It's the new home for the who's who in the art scene, music & film industry, as well as the sports arena. It's the playground for the hottest restaurants. The venue to showcase the coolest dwellings in the city and it serves up some of the best soirees to have fun, hobnob, and be seen.

What We Do

PaperGlass Media is an innovative boutique agency for new media marketing and effective branding strategies in Atlanta. We specialize in Business Branding, Brand Awareness, Brand Concepts, Brand Positioning, Digital Strategies, Marketing Programs, High End Photography and Engaging Website Designs. PaperGlass Media portfolio includes Corporate, Individual, Retail, Non Profit & Film.

PaperGlass Media is a boutique marketing agency providing branding strategies,business development, curated events, social media content management with two digital publications PaperGlass Media and Wire | Tap Media featuring the who's who in Atlanta and The Storytellers.

Browse our digital publications for lifestyle and business and find out who are gracing the pages of PaperGlass and meet the storytellers on Wire | Tap.